NOTE: List incomplete.

Title Status
Airplanes Re-Runs
Airplanes: The Next Chapter Airing
Annoying Orange Airing
Avatar: The Last Airbender Re-Runs
Brawling Buddies Cancelled
Bouncy Ballz Airing
Creations Ahead Airing
Candy World Airing
Dexter's Laboratory Re-Runs
Destiny Draw Cancelled
DoubleHeads Airing
Down To The Underwater Sea Airing
Eraser's World Re-Runs
Frank's Land Re-Runs
Grandpa Lemon's Show Airing
FRED: The Show Airing
Fanon Friends Airing
Food Dude Re-Runs
Food Dude: Generation II Re-Runs
Food Dude: Generation III Re-Runs
Food Dude: Generation IV Re-Runs
Food Dude: Generation V Airing
Invader ZIM Re-Runs
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Airing
Karting of Fun Re-Runs
Lemon's Show Airing
Matthew's World Re-Runs
Metaman SHOW Airing
Pillow! Airing
Pokemon Re-Runs
Spongebob Squarepants Airing
See It Now?! Re-Runs
Scream for Ice Cream Cancelled
Scribblenauts: The Show Airing
Starite Shine Airing
The Bagel Show Re-Runs
The Trix Rabbit Show Airing
True Destiny Airing
The Other Dimensions Re-Runs
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show Re-Runs
The Flintstones Re-Runs
The Jetsons Re-Runs
The Amazing World of Gumball Airing
The Invader Blue Show Airing
Total Drama Island Re-Runs
Total Drama Action Re-Runs
Total Drama World Tour Re-Runs
Total Drama: Revenge of the Island Re-Runs
U-Guy: The Doubled Generation Airing
Y-Guy Re-Runs
Y-Guy Reborn Re-Runs
Y-Guy Super Mode Re-Runs