Chrome Sports is a game for the Wii.


An evil orb named Multi has come to Earth. Multi then converts the Earth into a giant field which has five sections: Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Golf and Basketball. Now the heroes must team up with the villians in order to defeat Multi.


Chrome- A fast robot who is really good at Baseball.

Bagel- A talking bagel who is Rob's best friend.

Invader Rob- Bagel's best friend who comes from Planet Irk.

Homestar Runner- A very fast creature who has no arms.

Strong Bad- Homestar's rival who likes to answer his E-Mails.

Kev-Bot- Chrome's annoying friend who comes from a blown up planet.

Chrime- Chrome's evil clone and rival.

Lord Zorgu- A villian who hates Chrome. His horns get ALL the WiFi!

Y-Guy- A fast letter-creature.

Professor Carrotstien- A carrot who hates Y-Guy.

Mii- Miis are characters that you can create.