Drawn to Life: The Tale of Raposa is a CGI animated TV series based on Drawn to Life. This takes place ten years after Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.


Drawn to Life: The Tale of Raposa/Episodes



Doodle Man: The mannequin The Creator chose to be the hero. He is the main protagonist.

Mari: A Raposa who is Doodle Man's sidekick.

Wilfre: The main antagonist who hates color and tore apart The Book of Life.


Theme SongEdit

Wilfre's evil schemes have returned!

Doodle Man is the only one who can save everything!

(whisper) The Tale... of Raposa...

Destiny is up ahead, prepare to battle for the color to the Eternal Flame!

Drawn to Life!

The Tale of Raposa!


Drawn to Life: The Tale of Raposa has positive reviews, but critical reviews say the animation was unlike the game, and they wanted sprites instead of the normal CGI animation.