Lord Zorgu is the main antagonist of the "Chrome" series and an antagonist in several other fanon shows.
Lord Zorgu - Drawn by Dimentio8

Lord Zorgu.


Lord Zorgu has purple skin with red eyes and a red mouth. His hands are circles, but oddly, he can pick stuff up. Lord Zorgu has bent horns on the top of his head, and has a black circle in the middle of his chest. Lord Zorgu has spikes for shoulders. The spikes hold Lord Zorgu's arms up. His feet are black and only have three toes.


Dimentio8's VersionEdit

Dimentio8's Version 2Edit

This is an alternate version of his life.

Lord Zorgu was first a human named Edward Chew. One day, Edward was playing in a field and went through a hole in the ground. Edward was then taken behind a door. It was unknown what happened to him, but a few hours later, he busted the door down and his appearance was changed. His heart was turned pure evil. He named himself Zorgu and blew up the lair underground. He then destroyed several cities.

A few hours later, Chrome came into the scene to battle him. Surprisingly, Zorgu won, and flew off. Chrome re-appeared and won against Zorgu. Zorgu then flew far away into space and created Zorgua, which was right next to Yuthvixx, Chrome's home planet. Zorgu has created creatures named "Zorguians" to in-habit Zorgua. Zorgu then named himself Lord Zorgu.


  • Oddly, The word Zorgu loosely translated means "care" in Spanish.
  • In the game Paper Chrome, Lord Zorgu creates a virus that infects everybody except Chrome, Bagel and Rob.