Pillow! is an animated series that is currently airing on Cartoon Central. The show revolves around Phil, a young pillow who has adventures with his friends. The show is rated TV-Y7, TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG.



Phil: The main protagonist, who is a young pillow. He likes having adventures and lives in an apartment. He loves to eat at "Pizza's Pizza Place". He also attends an un-named school.

Blanket: A blanket and Phil's best friend. He also loves to eat at "Pizza's Pizza Place".

Scuba-Diver: A scuba-diver who loves bacon and underwater things.

Fan: A fan who is Phil's love interest.

Lamp: A very goofy lamp and the third wheel of Phil and Blanket's friendship.


Carl: The main antagonist, who is a walking and talking sweatshirt, and is obessed with world domination.

Earl: Carl's goofy brother who often ruins Carl's plans. He is a television remote.

Belt: An antagonist who is right next to Phil's room in his apartment. He is a belt.


Cheese: Fan's pet piece of cheese.

Pizza: A pizza who owns a restaurant called "Pizza's Pizza Place".

Clay: A piece of blue clay who can stretch to very long distances.

Rex: A T-Rex who is huge and the last of his kind. He attends school.


Rock: A rock who has a dog named Blah. He is very small.

Blah: A dog who is bigger then Rock. He is Rock's dog.

Hardhat: A hard hat who loves building houses.

Wrench: A wrench who is Hardhat's best friend.

Cake: A cake who often eats himself when he's hungry.

Paper: A piece of paper who attends school.

Bone: A pillow shaped like a bone.

Airplane: An airplane who loves flying.