This is an episode list of Pillow!

Season 1Edit

1. Something I Don't Care: Pillow tries to tell a story to a bunch of kindergarteners.

2. The Pillow: TBA

3. Phil's Time Machine: TBA

4. Movies: TBA

5. More Cards: TBA

6. Mandy & Kark: TBA

7: Color!: TBA

8: Airplanes: TBA

9. I Like Pie: Phil finds out he has a lot of pie that he never ate, so he has to eat it.

10. Store: Lamp gets a job at a store, but things get crazy!

11. Here Comes the Sun: Pillow invites Fan to watch the sunset, but he needs help doing so.

12. The Lamp and The Moon: Lamp explores The Moon.

13. TBA

14. TBA

15. TBA

16. TBA

17. TBA

18. TBA

19. TBA

20. TBA

21. TBA

Season 2Edit

22: P for Pillow: TBA

More TBA