The Awesome Crayons is a game for the Wii.


Five crayons named Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow must go out on a quest to defeat the evil Eraser. A professor named Pencil's story is revealed through-out the game.

Pencil's StoryEdit

Chapter 1: RedEdit

I was once a happy and normal professor, free from harm. One day, I was finishing my top secret project named "Project Erase", that was going to erase mistakes that Crayons have made. I accidently tripped over a floor tile and slammed into a shelf, making potions fly into Project Erase. Project Erase was then colored Black. An earthquake shook my entire lab, forcing me to run to safety. I caught a glimpse of something rising from the pot Project Erase was in. That something was Eraser. I ran and ran for two reasons: The earthquake and Eraser. I decided to get out my Orb Blaster and blast Eraser, but it was no use because Eraser erased my Orb Blaster. I had to run.

Chapter 2: BlueEdit

I continued to run, and five crayons stood before me who wanted to save me. They took me to a shelter and saved me from Eraser. Then the five crayons left and told me to stay inside the shelter. Eraser was continuing his rampage, but I just kept hoping for the best. I was kept inside there for hours, doodling on my notepad for entertainment.

Chapter 3: GreenEdit

It was the following day, and I was still inside the shelter. I was hungry, so I ate some ramen noodles. I kept doodling away, and the five crayons came back saying they needed the Light Orb in order to stop Eraser. I continued to doodle, still hoping for the best.

Chapter 4: OrangeEdit

It was a week, and I continued to doodle and snack on ramen noodles. The five crayons came back, stating the got the Light Orb. I had remembered I have studied it once. I told them to throw the orb at the evilness in order to destroy it.

Chapter 5: YellowEdit

The world was saved and everything was back to normal. Eraser was destroyed and peace is here again, Oh, joy! Oh, happiness! Thank you, five crayons! But most importantly, thank you, (Player's Profile Name), you saved everybody. The End.


  • Professor Pencil breaks the fourth wall when he thanks the player at the final chapter of his story.