Season 1Edit

1. Lord Zroid: Lord Zorgu, Zroid and Chrome are accidently sucked into the future, where Zroid is ruler of Lord Zorgu's planet.

2. Gamer Chrome: Chrome becomes a gamer when a new 5D video game is released, but little do they know the game is created by Lord Zorgu.

3. The Day When Pigs Fly: Professor Carrotstien invents pigs that can fly.

4. The Adventures of Light and Dark: Two superheroes named Light and Dark come to life and think it's an evil dimension, so they try to destroy it. Now Chrome must save the city from superheroes.

5: Random Land: Chrome, Bagel and Rob open an amusement park called Random Land and want to make the biggest ride ever.

6: Computer Crash: Chrome's computer crashes and turns evil. Now Chrome must stop it.

7. Milk Maids Exist: RACK finds Milk Maids in a cave, who turn out to be evil.

8. Zroid and RACK Future: Zroid and RACK go to the future.

24: Chrome and Fanmail: Chrome answers his fanmail.

Season 2Edit

31. The Adventures of Light and Dark II: Light and Dark must save the city of a giant flood.

32. Through Fire: Bagel and Lord Zorgu accidently enter the Fire Dimension and must escape through teamwork.

33. Chrome and Fanmail 2: Chrome answers his fanmail again.

34. Chromecraft: Chrome mines underground to find rare items. This episode is a parody of Minecraft.